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adult woman using Buzzy on arm for a shot


Our flagship M-StimTM device Buzzy® controls needle pain for adults and children.  From IV access to infusions or daily injections, Buzzy has been used for over 37 million needle procedures. See Buzzy®    Shop Buzzy®


VibraCool’s powerful and focused M-Stim™ technology treats pain from procedures, overuse, or injury. The platform addresses blood flow, inflammation, and recovery with proprietary frequencies.

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Individuals & Caregivers

Whether you have an injury, surgical, or chronic pain, or needle dread topical anesthetic doesn’t touch, we have solutions to help. Learn more

Clinicians & Practitioners

From anesthesia to orthopedics, clinicians rely on our products as evidence-based options to improve patient care. 

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Healthcare & Pharma

Hospitals, surgical centers, and pharmaceutical companies use our products to improve patient outcomes and satisfaction.

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Pain Care Labs’ revolutionary mechanical stimulation platform stops pain with physiology, not pharmacology. steroids for sale