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    Game-Changing Wearable Pain Relief

    Since 2009, our noninvasive drug-free wearables have been tested and trusted worldwide.

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    Pain Relief Solutions for:


    Personal Use Products

    Get our pain-canceling technology for use at home. VibraCool® helps an injury, surgical, or chronic pain; Buzzy® solves needle dread that topical anesthetics don’t touch.


    Clinicians & Practitioners

    From anesthesiology to orthopedics, clinicians rely on our products as evidence-based options to improve patient care. Hospital to home opioid alternatives and reusable anesthetic options.


    Pharma & Telehealth

    Medication and biologic companies support patients with Buzzy® in starter kits. Hospitals and surgical centers use our products to improve patient outcomes and satisfaction.



    Need hospital-quality drug free pain relief? Wearable VibraCool® treats pain from tight muscles. After surgery, stroke, overuse, or injury, M-Stim® focal muscle vibration (fMV) technology increases blood flow, lowers inflammation, and is more comfortable and effective than E-Stim. Power Over Pain on contact.



    Want to control needle pain? From vaccines and IV access to infusions or daily injections, Buzzy® has been used for over 37 million needle procedures to reduce pain, fear and fainting. Hold Buzzy® close to the poke, and ice and vibration sensations control needle pain. Power Over Pain and fear on contact.

    FSA/HSA Eligible without prescription

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    New Product Lines


    Buzzy® Pro

    We’ve heard your requests for an adult model with single-patient ice packs. Buzzy pro comes with rectangular single patient ice packs that fit the vibration surface perfectly. Great for dialysis, or for use with a standard tourniquet for adult blood draw procedures, or any situation where reusing ice wings won’t fly. Comes with latex-free starter straps and two sample reversible ice packs, with option for more or less cold per patient preference. Strap packets sold separately, or use standard tourniquet.


    VibraCool® Pro

    Intense M-stim® isn’t just for pain – research shows our specific frequency increases blood flow and separates muscle fibers for improved mass and recovery. VibraCool Pro is designed to be attached to any rigid brace by the Velcro straps of the brace, or can be placed directly on the muscle under a compression sleeve or soft brace (not included). For injury or pain, use the attached VibraCool compression cuff with heat for spasm or chronic pain, or ice for acute injury, inflammation or post-surgery. Includes: two M-stim units, 1 reusable hot pack, 1 4chamber, 1 2 chamber ice pack.



    Low back pain is the scourge of modern life. Whether nerves are causing pain, muscles are stretched and sore from “oversitting”, or overused muscle Injuries from repeated lifting or movement, DuoTherm is the solution. Eight therapy cycles concentrate M-stim vibrations from multiple motors using a scientifically configured brace plate. Shaped to concentrate on different areas of the low back, by varying intensity parameters, the location and penetration change to treat distinct causes of pain. The patent-pending design transmits heat or cold throughout the low back, delivering 20 minutes to two hours of therapy on one charge. Rechargeable: one size fits up to 50" waist.

    Why Pain Care Labs?


    Fastest Pain Relief

    Buzzy® works on contact. Research shows that Buzzy® allows for faster procedures with less patient distress compared to creams or sprays.

    Most Economical

    $0.20 per three minute use for 100s of times. Cost is further reduced when batteries are changed and Buzzy® is used for 100s more procedures.


    Improves Satisfaction

    Buzzy® has been mentioned on Press-Gainey surveys by name. Phlebotomy studies show 97% of patients said the procedure was better with Buzzy®.


    Clinically Proven

    Buzzy® is FDA registered, 501(k) cleared to control pain safely and effectively. Over 50 independent studies offer further clinical proof.


    "Lifesaver for dialysis."

    My father was going to quit dialysis until we found Buzzy. Dr. Baxter you’re a lifesaver.

    Karen S.



    "Useful for all ages."

    I am an Aesthetic Nurse and I do glutathione and other youth-providing serum injections to adults and not all of them are good at tolerating needle pricks. This buzzy thing really helps me calm my patients. 

    Mae Luna


    "Love the vibra cool!"

    Great pain relief after knee surgery! Really helpful for comfort and reducing need for pain medication.

    Julie R.

    Ann Arbor, MI


    "Best product ever!"

    I haven’t been able to get shots for YEARS and was finally able to do so with Buzzy. This product is unmatched and their customer service is kind as well as quick to reply.

    Claire H.

    Odenton, MD


    "Didn't Need Pain Pills"

    I used VibraCool and for the first day, I didn't need my pain pills after knee surgery.

    Alisha P.


    "Great product!"

    Wish I had discovered this product years ago! I bought this for my pre-teen son who has tremendous anxiety over shots and needles. His last two vaccine appointments have been a breeze!

    Stephanie Mitchell

    Taunton, MA


    "Plantar pain reduced."

    After a week or so I realized that just from using it that one time, my plantar fasciitis pain was significantly less.

    Danu Calderon


    "Handled pain & needle phobia."

    Buzzy has literally changed my life! Needle phobia GONE! Thank you, best of luck!!!

    Angela Vermillion


    "Consistent relief."

    After using it for about a month, I really am feeling the results. The consistency of the ice and vibration affords me relief at the end of the day and allows me to be pain-free the next morning for that day.

    Richard George


    "Overuse pain relief."

    When and if I ever have overuse pains in any of my joints I will start using VibraCool® immediately. I recommend it to anyone that leads an active lifestyle, sometimes overdoes it, and experiences joint pain.

    Pete C.


    "Didn't realize when I got my shot."

    I had no idea that she had even stuck me... This is a huge step in life for me. Thanks again for this wonderful Buzzy.

    Matt S.


    "Use instead of pharmaceuticals."

    I gave a Vibracool to my mom which helped get her through the month leading up to her knee replacement surgery. It was easy to keep the ice in place. The swelling was minimal and no pain pills were needed.

    Sarah Tucker

    Pain Care Labs’ revolutionary neuromodulation mechanical stimulation platform is proven to stop pain cold.