Drug Free
Pain Solutions

Our portable medical devices Buzzy® and VibraCool® 

are trusted worldwide to give you Power Over Pain.

adult woman using Buzzy on arm for a shot


Want to control needle pain? From vaccines and IV access to infusions or daily injections, Buzzy® has been used for over 37 million needle procedures to reduce pain, fear and fainting. Hold Buzzy® close to the poke, and ice and vibration sensations control needle pain.  Power Over Pain and fear on contact.

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Need hospital-quality drug free pain relief? Wearable VibraCool® treats pain from tight muscles. After surgery, stroke, overuse, or injury, M-Stim focal muscle vibration (fMV) technology increases blood flow, lowers inflammation, and is more comfortable and effective than E-Stim. Power Over Pain on contact. 

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Personal Use Products

Get our pain-canceling technology for use at home. VibraCool® helps an injury, surgical, or chronic pain; Buzzy® solves needle dread that topical anesthetics don’t touch.

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Clinicians & Practitioners

From anesthesiology to orthopedics, clinicians rely on our products as evidence-based options to improve patient care. Hospital to home opioid alternatives and reusable anesthetic options.

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Business & Pharmaceuticals

Medication and biologic companies support patients with Buzzy® in starter kits. Hospitals and surgical centers use our products to improve patient outcomes and satisfaction.

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Pain Care Labs’ revolutionary neuromodulation mechanical stimulation platform 

is proven to stop pain cold.