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Over 50 Clinical Trials - Post-op Knee Pain Relief - Treats Pain from Muscle Restriction
Over 50 Clinical Trials

Power Over Pain

Comprehensive, physiologic pain relief

Stops Pain Cold

No more needle phobia



Pain relief, one touch away


Patented. Proven.

Over 30 independent clinical trials


Patented high-frequency technology


Wearable and precise


One-touch pain relief on contact


Frost & Sullivan industry leader

Pain Care Labs makes revolutionary science-backed therapies that tap into the body’s physiological pain response system to stop pain cold, naturally and drug-free. Our clinically-proven products are trusted by hospitals, doctors and patients across the globe. We give people power over their pain, eliminating the unnecessary suffering and anxiety that comes with it.

Buzzy logo
Buzzy® is your secret weapon to eliminating needle pain and anxiety. Discreet, handheld and reusable, Buzzy combines fast and focused ice-cold temperature and vibration therapies to replace pain before it can reach your brain. Over 30 independent clinical trials have proven it works!
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VibraCool® gives you the ultimate advantage over pain. From sports aches and injuries, to throbbing chronic pain, VibraCool’s powerful and focused Oscillice® technology stops pain cold.
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Buzzy® Mini
"Once we learned about Buzzy, taking our daughter to the doctor has become less of an ordeal and a lot less emotionally draining for all of us!" 
-J. Smiley | Chester, PA
VibraCool® Extended
"I ordered VibraCool after injuring the back part of my knee while exercising. The freeze pack and the vibration/knee wrap was very soothing and really helped to decrease the inflammation! I am a fan and will continue to use."
-Kathy H.
Buzzy® XL 
"We've been using this for deep muscle shots for IVF. My wife swears by it. It numbers the spot, and makes the shot giving that much easier."
-Johnny H.
VibraCool® Flex
"It was easy to use, affordable, and a good tool to have in the toolbox of treatments for chronic conditions like mine!"
-Kevin W.