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    Improve injection adherence - Promote opioid-sparing strategies


    Give Power Over Pain

    Our proven pain-canceling technology platform controls needle  pain with Buzzy, providing help for needle fear.  Our VibraCool devices use safe, fast, M-Stim for opioid-sparing surgical plans, arthritis, and injury pain.

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    Buzzy® Healthcare


    VibraCool® Pro Healthcare


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    Improve patient outcomes

    Our patented M-Stim technology treats pain from muscle tension and restriction 2-3x4x better than electrical stimulation.

    “Best pain relief value by far.” – Tiziano Maravino, DPT Practical Pain Management  


    Use VibraCool® for

    • Opioid-sparing pain plan
    • PACU to home pain relief
    • Tele-physical therapy
    • Safe for pacemakers
    • Portable
    • Effective on contact

    Reduce needle pain and fear

    More than 50 clinical trials prove Buzzy’s efficacy for pain and fear.  

    Fastest – Least Expensive – Most Effective for Injections – Only Intervention Proven to Reduce Fear

    Use Buzzy® for

    • Vaccinations & injections
    • Blood draws
    • Infusions
    • Site reactions
    • Trypanophobia
    • Needle reluctance

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    Why Pain Care Labs?

    Evidence based information about Pain Care Labs products and use for pain management including needle pain, needle fear and phobias, treatment adherence, post-operative recovery, and opioid use reduction.

    Reduce pain to improve adherence in national guidelines by providing physiologic pain relief for both child and adult injections, needle procedures, and vaccines.

    Work for a hospital or pharmaceutical company?

    97% of patients said their procedure was better than previously done without a Pain Care Labs product…See how we partner with organizations to improve outcomes.


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