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    Options not opioids

    Dr. Amy Baxter explains how neuroscience can block pain and reduce opioids after surgery.

    Opioid Alternatives & Pain Resources:


    Opioid Use Resources

    Discover specialized resources from experts, offering insights into the unique complexities of Opioid Use Disorder (OUD), encompassing prevention, treatment, and community support.


    Post-Op Opioid Alternatives

    Developing a holistic pain relief plan involves understanding individual challenges, exploring diverse strategies, and incorporating multi-modal treatments for effective relief.


    Personalizing Pain Relief

    Whether acute or chronic, your pain relief solution plan starts with knowing options. Explore resources, curated links, and evidence-based suggestions from acupuncture to magnesium to VibraCool.

    Dr. Baxter's TED Talk


    Christopher Wolf Campaign

    In 2018, Cammie founded the Christopher Wolf Crusade (CwC) to end opioid misuse before it begins. Christopher Wolf passed after a 14 year battle with opioid misuse and dependency. When Christopher passed, Cammie Wolf Rice, his mother, transmuted her pain into purpose. She’s dedicating her life to preventing other mothers from the soul crushing pain of losing a child.


    Voices for Non-Opioid Choices

    Voices is a nonpartisan coalition dedicated to preventing opioid addiction by increasing access to non-opioid therapies for managing acute pain, particularly in the surgical setting.

    The Science of Gate Control

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    Young People in Recovery

    YPR is a national nonprofit that provides peer recovery support services for youth and young adults in recovery—or who are seeking recovery—from substance use disorder.

    Our programs consist of community-based chapters; life-skills curriculum programs; and advocacy to reduce stigma and create more resources for recovery. YPR embraces all pathways to recovery including 12-step, faith-based, harm reduction, medication-assisted treatment, and others.