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    Comfort Immunization Resources

    Support Vaccination Now with Comfort Immunization Resources


    Over 1 in 4 adults – and 52% of the unvaccinated – have needle hesitancy. Supporting fainting, fear, pain, and soreness can be more effective than mandates. In February, Pain Care Labs’ CEO and scientist Dr. Amy Baxter testified before the Health and Human Services Vaccine Advisory Committee. She testified that 28% wouldn’t get vaccinated, and presented a plan to help.  Pain Care Labs has made these resources available.


    Three Tiered Resource Options

      • Downloads for employee support
      • Downloads, training and tools
      • Vaccination Clinic Supprot, Non-Profit

    Opioid Reduction Resources

    Give Patients and Employees Opioid Alternative Resources

    Do you know who is at genetic and social risk for opioid misuse? And how do you help them with pain?

    One in five people genetically process – or “metabolize” opioids differently. Some uptake the medicine too slowly for relief. For some – up to 15% – the drug rushes in, then leaves too quickly. 

    Pain Care Labs’ CEO and scientist Dr. Amy Baxter in NIH funded for opioid-sparing research. Based on her evidence-based “What Works for Pain” essays and grant work, Pain Care Labs has created handouts, pre-op workbooks, and day of surgery Pain Care Packages with devices FDA 510(k) cleared and proven to reduce pain.

    Resource Options

    • Downloads for pain relief options
    • What Works for Chronic Pain Workbook
    • Pre-op workbooks
    • Custom Pre-Op Pain Care Packages

    If you are interested in using Pain Care Labs products in your facility, or would like to partner with us on research or patient trials, we would be happy to discuss the many options we have available.  


    We are here to help you.

    Research & Clinical Background

    Reduce pain to improve adherence in national guidelines by providing physiologic pain relief for both child and adult vaccinations…

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