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What can you do to improve community health and reduce pain without opioids?

The deepening crises of communicable diseases and opioid addiction are challenges every medical professional must face. With an increased number of needle phobic individuals and the limited access to pain relieving treatments like physical therapy or massage, it is our collective responsibility to be part of the solution. 

Reduce needle pain and fear

With the increased number of vaccinations available today, children are more likely to develop sustained needle fear and needle phobias. Children afraid of needles grow up to be adults who don’t get their flu shot. More than 50 clinical trials prove Buzzy’s efficacy. You can improve not only the experience of one person, but have enormous impact on community health just by using a Buzzy in your practice.

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Improve patient outcomes

Our patented M-Stim technology treats pain from muscle tension and restriction, giving superior pain relief. Perfect for use from pre-hab to rehab in your clinic or with tele-physical therapy. VibraCool is also easy, portable, and affordable so patients to use at home.

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If you are interested in using Pain Care Labs products in your facility, or would like to partner with us on research or patient trials, we would be happy to discuss the many options we have available.  

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Resources For Clinicians

Evidence based information about Pain Care Labs products and use for pain management including needle pain, needle fear and phobias, treatment adherence, post-operative recovery, and opioid use reduction.

Reduce pain to improve adherence in national guidelines by providing physiologic pain relief for both child and adult injections, needle procedures, and vaccines.

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97% of patients said their procedure was better than previously done without a Pain Care Labs product…See how we partner with organizations to improve outcomes.

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