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    Power over Pain 
    with Buzzy®

    The only clinically proven solution to reduce needle pain, fear, and even fainting. Taking the Sting Out of Shots!

    Great for cancer treatment, diabetes management, vaccinations, and more.


    Buzzy Healthcare

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    Buzzy Personal

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    BuzzyFreezer 2020-10-09-pdlm3qv90be1ebodouc9vid5ixqswxpuk72aayiqyy ButtonPush Injection

    Freeze Ice Wings

    Attach Your Wings

    Turn Buzzy On

    Place Buzzy

    For best pain relief, the wings must be frozen solid to avoid absorbing vibration. Wings will stay frozen for about 10 minutes at room temperature. For the Mini, place the hole in the ice wings over the hook on the back of Buzzy. For the personal, slide the ice wings through the elastic strap on the back of Buzzy. Once Buzzy is being held in place either by a strap, tourniquet, or by hand, press the button or switch on the top of Buzzy. The Buzzy Mini has an automatic shut-off feature after 3 minutes. Place Buzzy directly on the site of the injection for 30-60 seconds, then move up (with power switch up/farthest away from site) and hold/secure. Buzzy works best when it's between the pain and the brain.
      Buzzy® Mini Healthcare Buzzy® XL
    Buzzy® Pro
    Best For Vaccinations & Other Short Procedures Vaccinations, Phlebotomy & Longer Procedures Multiple Injections, IVF, Blood Draws, Self-Injections, & Itching Dialysis, Blood Draw, Clinical Trials
    Usage Frequent / Multi-Patient Frequent / Multi-Patient Intended for Single Patient Frequent / Multi-Patient
    Accessories Included 4 Healthcare Grade Ice Wings &
    1  Latex-Free Starter Strap
    4 Healthcare Grade Ice Wings &
    2  Latex-Free Starter Straps
    2 Single-Patient Use
    Ice Wings &
    1 Hands-free Strap
    5 Single-Patient Use
    Ice Wings & 2 Starter Straps
    Settings 2 Settings (Constant and Pulse*) 1 Settings (Continuous Vibration) 1 Settings (Continuous Vibration) 1 Settings (Continuous Vibration)
    Power On/Off Automatic Shut-Off (After 3 Minutes) Manual Power Switch Manual Power Switch Manual Power Switch
    Placement Secure Under Tourniquet or Strap Includes Slot for Tourniquet or Strap Includes Slot for Tourniquet or Strap Secure Under Tourniquet or Strap
    Warranty 12 Months 12 Months 6 Months** 3 Years**


    2⅞” x 1⅞” x ⅞” 7.2cm x 4.8cm x 2.2cm 3¼” x 2⅛” x 1⅛” (8.4cm x 5.3cm x 2.9cm) 3¼” x 2⅛” x 1⅛” (8.4cm x 5.3cm x 2.9cm)  3” x 2¼” x ¾”

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    Physician invented. Trusted by hospitals worldwide.
     As seen on Shark Tank.

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    Benefits of using Buzzy®


    Fastest Pain Relief

    Buzzy® works on contact allowing for faster procedures compared to creams or sprays.



    Easy to bring along to appointments. Great for finger sticks, vaccinations, or blood draws.


    FSA/HSA Eligible

    Eligible for FSA or HSA funds without prescription.


    Clinically Proven

    Buzzy® is FDA registered, 501(k) cleared to control pain safely and effectively. Over 75 independent studies offer further clinical proof. 

    An award-winning combination

    Buzzy uses natural “gate control” pain relief by confusing the body’s own nerves, thereby dulling or eliminating sharp pain. In the same way that rubbing a bumped elbow helps stop the hurt, Buzzy controls sharp pain. The premise is that when nerves receive non-painful signals such as vibration or cold, the brain closes the gate on pain signals.

    The second part of Buzzy’s efficacy, and the reason it can help even when distant from the site of procedural pain, is called Descending Noxious Inhibitory Control, or DNIC. DNIC is another effective mechanism of pain control that uses the brain’s ability to dampen out unwanted signals. Instead of happening right where the nerves are, though, an intense degree of cold can work anywhere on the body. In scientific terms, intense cold activates a supraspinal modulation raising the body’s overall pain threshold.
    *Research shows some patients get greater relief from intermittent vibration. When used in a healthcare setting, offering a choice of speeds increases patient control and decreases fear.
    **Personal warranty void if used in clinical setting.
    Watch on YouTube: Physician and pain researcher Amy Baxter MD invented mechanical stimulation as way to utilize the physiology of gate control to reduce pain.
    Watch on YouTube: Amy Baxter MD breaks down how to get a vaccine injection if you're needle averse as well as explaining the science behind Gate Control and DNIC that Buzzy utilizes to provide pain relief on contact.
    Watch on YouTube: An animated illustration of how the process of Gate Control can be used to block pain signals from making it to the brain.

    "l have to take painful, burning injections on a regular basis and I'm severely afraid of needles. Buzzy has taken away almost all of the pain and has helped me deal with the anxiety."

    Buzzy works better with DistrACTION®

    Find out how DistrACTION® cards can be used to further reduce pain and anxiety.