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Outcomes Rocket Podcast: The Truth About Needle Fear

In this episode, we welcome back to Outcomes Rocket one of our favorite guests in the show, Dr. Amy Baxter, Founder and CEO at Pain Care Labs. Dr. Baxter shares tips on how to make vaccinations easier as well as how to help those who experience needle trauma.

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Buzzy – Pain Relief for Pediatric Vaccinations

According to the NIH post on Buzzy, needle sticks from vaccinations or blood draws are the most common, and oftentimes most distressing, medical procedure for children and their parents. Read more about that post as well as see helpful links to additional resources, including the abstract and project documentation from the NICHD grant that supported the development of Buzzy.

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Don’t Like Needles? Here Are Facts & Solutions

Addressing needle fear is critical to the public health plan for the rollout of the COVID vaccine. Dr. Baxter has researched vaccine refusal for 15 years. Her recent data indicates that identifying anxiety and reducing pain with the first injection could dramatically improve the second #COVID19 vaccine uptake by as much as 35% and help save lives.

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