Clinical Research & Trials

  • VibraCool® reduces physical therapy pain 240-340% better than TENS.
  • VibraCool recommended best value for Home Physical Therapy.
  • VibraCool® treats pain from muscle tension and restriction in tendinopathies.

“The authors found the VibraCool® device to be a valuable adjunct to our clinical treatments, especially for very difficult-to-treat [tendinopathies]…Patients showed both high compliance and tolerance; chronic pain patients who had some hypersensitivity to general tactile stimulation did fine with the unit.”

Practical Pain Management again recommended VibraCool for home physical therapy and telePT during COVID-19.




Tiziano M, Majewski M., Pain Therapy Options for Home: a patient-based outcome review of at-home pain management devices, including Willow Curve, Quell, and VibraCool. Practical Pain Management 19(1):56-59.

Tiziano M, Baxter AL. ,Crossover trial of novel mechanical oscillatory strain therapy device versus TENS for musculoskeletal pain. AAPM&R 11 2019 San Antonio, TX

  • [VibraCool] Patients reported using an average of 10.1±3 opioid tablets in the first week following surgery….and only 4 patients continued to use opioids by their first post-operative visit (4.3±2.3 days post-surgery).
  • In a coached group attempting to reduce opioids at the same institution, the average was 35% higher (15.6±8.5).


Effects of Focal Vibration on Pain and Opioid Usage following ACL Reconstruction: A Pilot Study. AAPM&R 11 2019 San

  • Penicillin injection adherence for rheumatic heart disease had been a problem. After 3 uses in a special clinic for non-adherent patients, pain and fear dropped by half. Since adherence was much improved, the special clinic was disbanded.
  • Buzzy was added to the National Guidelines for needle pain in New Zealand.




Russell K, Nicholson R, Naidu R. Reducing the pain of intramuscular benzathine penicillin injections in the rheumatic fever population of Counties Manukau District Health Board. J Paediatr Child Health. 2014;50(2):112-117. doi:10.1111/jpc.12400

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