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Pain Care Labs technology: giving people power over pain.

“I gave a Buzzy Vibracool to my mom to get through the month leading up to her knee replacement surgery, When my dad, who hates pharmaceuticals, had a tooth extraction last week, he had this brilliant idea. He said “it was easy to keep the ice in place. The swelling was minimal and no pain pills were needed.” Go Dad! And thanks Vibracool!” - Sara T.

Opioid-Free Oral Surgery

Athletic Injury

"VibraCool has been a game changer for me treating runners"
-Doug Adams, PT

"Sleep is so important. I'm a big proponent of VibraCool® because it's portable, it's easy to use, and I could sleep without pain. I didn't have to take any Aleve or any other medication."
-Bill C.


VibraCool® Extended for Knee/Headache

VibraCool® Extended for Knee/Headache

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Juvenile  Arthritis

"This is my 3 year old daughter receiving her Enbrel® injection for Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis. We thank Buzzy every week for helping us get though her shot without tears. Thanks Buzzy!!!"

-Jackie W.


Buzzy® XL Personal

Buzzy® XL Personal

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Needle Phobia

"Our process consisted of 30 to 40 minutes of negotiation along with bribes and other unsuccessful attempts at minimizing the injection pain. With Buzzy, the process has been reduced a few minutes and the pain is GREATLY reduced."
-Liz D.


“Several months of shots to bring this guy into the world were made easier thanks to Buzzy!"
-Michelle Forman

Blood Draws

“Thanks for helping me get my blood drawn for the first time ever!”
-Addison B.


“My 4 year old was totally ready for his shots today! We ❤️ Buzzy.”
Becca N.

"My three small boys (ages 4, 5, 6) recently began allergy shots (three times per week, two shots each time). After a few sessions in the doctor's office, I was equipped to administer the shots at home. The first few weeks without Buzzy® were so stressful. The boys would plead with me to not give them shots, and the youngest always cried. Then, I found Buzzy.

Today, the shots for two boys took less than 5 minutes, and as I held the Buzzy® on him, the littlest guy kept giggling saying, “This tickles!” He giggled even as I gave his shots. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

My six year old said he couldn’t feel the first shot at all, and the second shot was painless (but he could feel it). He said he never wanted a shot without Buzzy® again."

"Buzzy® was awesome for my 3 year old’s allergy scratch tests. I put Buzzy® on his spine, and Buzzy®completely took away his urge to scratch himself, despite several very positive tests. His peanut test was stopped at 5 minutes when it was over 1 inch big, with a tail. It looked like a giant rat. Yay, Buzzy!"