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VibraCool® is easy to use!

Freeze Ice Packs
Ice packs will stay frozen 20 minutes at room temperature. For best
pain relief, the packs must be frozen solid to avoid absorbing

*For Plantar/Neck units, the wing-shaped ice packs last 10 minutes at room temperature.
Insert VibraCool® Unit Into Compression Strap
VibraCool fits snugly in the pocket of the compression strap. 

*If you are using a Plantar/Neck unit, the strap is already threaded through the unit. The wing-shaped ice packs slide through the elastic strap on the back of the unit.
Place VibraCool®
First place ice packs on or above the point of pain. For intense cold, use the blue side of the ice packs. For milder cold, use the white, soft side. Place VibraCool over the ice packs, and wrap the strap around and secure to itself.

Activate VibraCool®
Firmly press the button on top of the unit to start 10 minutes of high-frequency vibration.

*If you are using a Plantar/Neck unit, press the button on top of VibraCool and leave on the desired length of time.