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Clinically Proven Technology
Instant Relief
VibraCool® instantly relieves pain by activating your body's natural pain inhibiting response. This physiological reaction is called Gate Control.
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Healing Over Time
Vibration increases blood flow which stimulates healing.
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Faster Recovery
By reducing pain and decreasing healing times, VibraCool® gets you back in the game faster.
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"My daughter in law, an RN who works in a clinic in a ski town, had an MRI of her knee that documented an MCL strain and mild meniscus tear. She is still using the device (3 weeks now) and reports that it is fantastic for pain relief. She relates the same findings that I had noted: convenience, works in a shorter time than ice alone, and there is something about the vibration that adds to pain relief...I can highly recommend it."
-Dr. David Hannaford, DPM
I like using the unit in quick applications while at the field. The cold vibration of the unit seems to help get the muscles to recover faster the straight ice.
-Mel M. Nichols, 2012 Olympic Archery Coach

"I can walk up and down stairs now after adding ice to my icing routine."
Michelle C.
"I was able to close my fist for the first time in 3 weeks!"

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