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Buzzy® Mini
"Once we learned about Buzzy, taking our daughter to the doctor has become less of an ordeal and a lot less emotionally draining for all of us!" 
-J. Smiley | Chester, PA
VibraCool® Extended
"I ordered VibraCool after injuring the back part of my knee while exercising. The freeze pack and the vibration/knee wrap was very soothing and really helped to decrease the inflammation! I am a fan and will continue to use."
-Kathy H.
Buzzy® XL 
"We've been using this for deep muscle shots for IVF. My wife swears by it. It numbers the spot, and makes the shot giving that much easier."
-Johnny H.
VibraCool® Flex
"It was easy to use, affordable, and a good tool to have in the toolbox of treatments for chronic conditions like mine!"
-Kevin W.