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Pain Care Labs' Guiding Principles

Good Stewardship of Resources

We reduce our environmental impact wherever possible and we value patients’ limited resources (thus, we do not make devices unnecessarily disposable). We also value our employees time, and manage our own resources efficiently.

Scientific Integrity

Our products are rooted in scientific research, and we will not compromise that integrity with our products or communications.

Personally Invested

We believe in the mission to eliminate unnecessary pain and support that mission with our work.

Impact Suffering

Our desire to grow comes from a desire to make prescription-free pain relief accessible to more people. We will grow strategically, valuing the size of our impact over the size of our bottom line. 


We are aware of our personal impact on other employees and the company and act with empathy and responsibility.

Current Openings

Marketing Specialist

Feb 27, 2020Shopify API