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Power Over Pain: Shoulder & Neck Pain? Free PT! BYOC for community pools? Hamsters Wearing Masks?

Filmed live at the Hive, Atlanta, Georgia, on May 20, 2020. Dr. Baxter discusses opening community pools this summer; how much more we’ll know by the end of the summer about who is at risk & how to predict who will be impacted; new CDC guidelines for Emergency Department exams & discharge; and hamsters wearing masks! Special guest Keith J Cronin, Doctor of Physical Therapy, schools us in avoiding neck & shoulder pain (posture!) and how to make it feel better. A few more details about nasal irrigation and a recipe! BYOC? Dr. Baxter reviewed guidelines for opening community pools and proposed reducing the number of surfaces that require regular cleaning. Bring your own chair may be the theme of this pool season! Dr. Baxter is helping to shape CDC guidelines about Emergency Department behaviors – marching in place as part of the new clincal exam?!! She explains why marching in place is such a telling indicator of illness. About those hamsters. Wearing masks. There is no magic bullet right now for avoiding COVID-19. Social distancing, hand-washing, staying at home are all important. A small study where infected hamsters had masks shielding their cages may support that wearing a mask

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