Make Doctor Visits Painless For You Or Your Child

Used in over 37 million procedures in 27 countries, Buzzy uses cold and mechanical stimulation to inhibit pain, making injections worry-free and pleasant as can be.

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Reusable Instant Hot Packs - 2 Pack

Reusable Instant Hot Packs - 2 Pack

Reusable Instant Hot Packs - 2 Pack

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These reusable instant hot packs provide soothing warmth in a convenient size without need for electricity. They work great with any of our VibraCool Pro units to relieve muscle spasms or chronic aches (cold is best for injury, inflammation, or acute pain). Pair with a VibraCool to make a complete home relief kit! Available in a 2-pack.


  • 2-Pack contains 2 reusable hot packs
  • 5+ boil-reuse cycles

How Buzzy Works

The science and technology behind Buzzy the Bee!

Product Features

Use with VibraCool units to relieve muscle spasms or chronic aches. Purchase these additional packs to have longer warmth capabilities and so you always have one at the ready.


Snapping the internal plate creates a crystal, starting a reaction that generates instant heat reaching up to 130 degrees, then lasting up to 40 minutes).

Recharge by boiling in water for 10 to 15 minutes. Remove when crystals are no longer present and allow to cool to room temperature. They are then ready for use again with up to 5 reuses. Store in liquid state.

Additional Information

Item Number / SKU: 2-Pack DTC-HOT2

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the difference between the mini and the personal?

    Despite the names, the size difference of the "mini" and the "personal" is relatively small; both vibration devices fit in the palm of the hand. The "personal" is our original Buzzy model that offers hands-free operation. We developed the "mini" (approximately one-third smaller by volume) to be held or pressed in place for quick procedures like vaccinations. The "mini" features an energy-saving automatic 3-minute shut-off. Compare features of all Buzzy models here: In the comparison chart, you can see the shorthand is that we recommend the "mini" for injections/short procedures and the "personal" for phlebotomy/longer procedures. In all cases, we recommend the healthcare/multi-patient versions for use in a clinical setting.

  • Where is the evidence that it really works?

    Buzzy combines high-frequency vibration (Gate Control) and cold (Descending Noxious Inhibitory Control/DNIC) to control sharp pain. DNIC develops around age 4, and younger children may not tolerate the ice-cold sensation of Buzzy. For these children, the vibration of Buzzy will still provide some pain relief and the competing sensation of holding the ice-cold wing in the hand offers additional distraction - physical and cognitive - from the procedure. The patented technology works even better for adults than children. Over 50 clinical trials demonstrate that Buzzy is effective at relieving pain. It is the only solution that reduces both pain fear. Buzzy is the most proven intervention for injections. See the research summary by clicking here.

  • Does it work at the physical or physiological level?

    Yes! Buzzy blocks pain signals to the brain. Buzzy uses motion and ice to harness two physiologic pain pathways: one mechanical frequency blocks pain, one competes with pain for the brain’s attention.

  • How many times can I or my child use Buzzy?

    Hundreds of times! Families are welcome to share a Buzzy. However, if any family member is immunocompromised, we recommend Batteries are pre-installed and should last approximately 20 hours. Batteries (2 x AAA) can be replaced by opening the back of your vibration unit with a Phillips head screwdriver. Find video instructions for how to change batteries on "mini" and "personal" on our YouTube channel, click here.

  • Do I need to order healthcare Buzzy?

    Our Buzzy® portfolio includes Buzzy Healthcare for use in multi-patient settings and Buzzy Personal for single-patient use. Use of Buzzy Personal devices in a multi-patient setting voids any applicable warranty.

  • When should I NOT use Buzzy?

    Do not use in the presence of unexplained calf pain; consult a physician. Do not use over swollen or inflamed areas or skin eruptions. Do not place directly on a thermal burn. Risk of injury with dry-ice or deep-freeze. Do not use ice pack with underlying sensitivities to ice or cold (e.g. Sickle Cell Disease, Reynaud’s Disease, CRPS, diabetic neuropathy).

Customer Reviews

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Scheyler Moffett
How these heat packs help me with my blood draws

I am blind, autistic and have a chronic heart condition, that is why I am not uploading a video about the heat packs.......

I use them for blood draws in the winter, and not only does it make my infantile veins come out to play, but it helps me relax and my muscles because cold makes me tense and so do nerves.