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"17 Injection Aid Products" - Consumer Guide

“Buzzy’s friendly bumblebee or ladybug takes the sting out of shots with cold and vibration. (A non-animal design is also available.) A distraction pack includes information about needle phobia and distraction card sets for parents to use with nervous kids.”

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"Three to Take or Throw", "Four to Fill or Flush" - how and why we wean off acute opioid prescribing.

“Three to take or throw”, “Four to Fill or Flush” – how we can wean off prescribing opioids for acute outpatient pain   Unlike other drug crises, 80% of opioid addiction starts...

Opioid Free Pain Plan

Opioid Free Pain Plan

Print Your Own Pain Plan Here Multiple studies now prove that most minor surgeries have better pain relief with ibuprofen instead of opioids. We also know that pain isn't just...


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