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Marketing Specialist - Full Time

Want to make a difference in the world? Pain Care Labs is a science-based company looking for an enthusiastic Marketing Specialist to coordinate our overall marketing efforts. You will be the primary engine for the development and execution of marketing campaigns to reach both consumer and corporate targets. 

About Pain Care Labs

Pain Care Labs makes revolutionary science-backed therapies that leverage the body’s sensation system to stop pain cold. Our clinically-proven prescription-free products are trusted by hospitals, doctors and patients across the globe. We give people power over their pain, eliminating the unnecessary suffering and anxiety that comes with it.

Founded in 2006, we are a small team, based in Atlanta, GA. You can read more here

Company Values

Personally Invested

We believe in the mission to eliminate unnecessary pain and support that mission with our work.  

Accountable to Our Mission and Each Other

We are aware of our personal impact on other employees and the company and act with empathy and responsibility. 

Good Stewardship of Resources

We reduce our environmental impact wherever possible and we value patients’ limited resources thus we do not make devices unnecessarily disposable. We also value our employees' time and our own internal resources.

Maintain Scientific Integrity

Our products are rooted in scientific research, and we will not compromise that integrity with our products or communications. 

Work to Impact Suffering

Our desire to grow comes from a desire to make prescription-free pain relief accessible to more people. We will grow strategically, valuing the size of our impact over the size of our bottom line.  

About the Marketing Specialist Position

The ideal candidate must be competent in multiple channels of marketing. They should be able to craft a broad marketing program within a given budget and execute it across multiple channels: content, digital advertising, press releases, email, influencer marketing, guest appearances, events, etc. We are looking for someone whose ample creativity is fueled by data analysis; analyzing consumer behavior trends and current marketing data and developing an effective and precise marketing strategy that is attributable and trackable. We place the scientific method in the highest regard when developing our products, and expect a comparable process for developing, delivering, and evaluating advertising efforts.

Honesty and integrity in advertising is paramount, especially when making claims about our products, as we are an FDA regulated medical device company. We have complete faith in our products, and an adept marketer will not need to stretch the truth to achieve results. 

The job is 40 hours a week, 2 week paid vacation after a 3-month trial period, with health benefits and paid sick days at that time. Salary range is standard for Atlanta, $50-70K based on experience.


Work with CEO to develop quarterly, high-level marketing programs based on brand goals  

  • Research existing consumer trends and perform customer discovery if needed
  • Craft specialized strategy for B2C and B2B markets  
  • Review extant data on current customers and advertising  
  • Develop per-channel campaigns with recommended budgets, measurable metrics for success
  • Acquire brand content, either through creating personally or working with others (designers, copywriters, etc.)  
  • Execute marketing campaigns, either personally or by managing part-time hires  
  • Adjust mid-campaign as needed in the case of big success, big failure, or large company event  
  • Provide evaluation report on campaigns with plan for adjustment 
  • Support sales team in developing vertical-appropriate marketing collateral and strategies to drive revenue growth 

Craft and implement in-bound marketing strategy

  • Maximize SEO potential of company websites and social platforms
  • Center Pain Care Labs and our founder, Dr. Amy Baxter, as experts in the field of pain relief through articles, videos, speaking engagements, podcast/TV/radio appearances, etc.  
  • Recruit, manage, and evaluate brand influencers
  • Engage with digital communities (especially Instagram and LinkedIn) for consumer research, brand awareness, and converting customers into evangelists.


  • Proficient in Google analytics, Facebook Ads Manager, Mailchimp, AdRoll, and Instagram advertising
  • Must be able to use drag and drop style web page designers  
  • Knowledge of HTML/CSS and/or experience with Shopify preferred  
  • Must have computer literacy, particularly Google Drive (docs, sheets, slides)  
  • Demonstrable knowledge of data analytics tools and terminology  
  • Exceptional written and verbal communication skills  
  • Highly organized and detail oriented  
  • Basic proficiency in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, Acrobat Pro (or other graphics, video, and document creation software 

Experience and Education

  • 2 years as marketing specialist, coordinator, or similar role OR 
  • 2 years in a healthcare/insurance/government or similarly regulatory field AND some marketing experience
  • BS/BA in marketing, communications, or equivalent education or experience  
  • Preferred: certifications in in-bound marketing, Google Analytics, Facebook advertising, or other marketing credentials

Note: Being a quick learner, creative problem solver, fantastic communicator, and a total marketing geek are more important than any specific credentials. If you feel you would be right for the position, we encourage you to convince us in your cover letter. 

How to Apply

  • Submit resume and cover letter to
  • Put “Marketing Specialist Position” in the subject line  
  • Please include any marketing certification programs you have completed  
  • Please include at least 2 references (if at current employer, please include when/how it would be appropriate to contact)  
  • In your email, attach a copy of the graphic below with your top 10 proficient skills highlighted.