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Save Time with Buzzy In the Time of Covid19

Save Time with Buzzy In the Time of Covid19

As emergency departments become more crowded with Corona Virus patients and panic, Buzzy can be a huge time-saving advantage over topical anesthetics. Children’s Healthcare of Philadelphia found Buzzy relieved pain as well as LMX for kids 4-18 (average 9), but venous access took 3 minutes compared to 40.5. 


time required for venous access procedure topical anesthetic lmx4 compared to buzzy

If 100 patients in your unit need labs and you’re used to topical anesthetics, this equates to a 62.5 hour/day time savings! That’s like 6 extra people to help per day!

For children under 6 where ice may be uncomfortable, EMLA  worked slightly better, but took over an hour where Buzzy’s “delay of action is practically zero”. Pro tip: let children who find the ice uncomfortable hold it in their hands. One recent study in adults found vibration gives over 90% of the Buzzy’s numbing when used alone for IV access. (Ice is still the way to go for injections, though.)


Buzzy should be cleaned with the same wipes being used to clean counters, surfaces, doorknobs, and stethoscopes. Alcohol swabs, chlorhexadine, or Lysol wipes - all are appropriate.

To further reduce concerns:

1. Use Single Patient Soft-sided Ice Wings

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2. Use Vibration alone

3. Put both Buzzy and Ice into Infection Control Bags

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